HMRC – Expenses and benefits an introduction

If you reimburse your employees’ travel expenses or provide them with a company car or van, find out what you need to report to HMRC in our live webinars. You can ask questions using the on-screen text box. Expenses and benefits – an introduction: If you’re new to expenses and benefits and would like to know

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HMRC – Cash basis, expenses and capital allowances

If you’re not sure about business expenses, how to claim capital allowances or whether using cash basis is for you, the following live webinars can help. You can ask questions during our live webinars using the on-screen text box. Capital Allowances for the self-employed: For those using traditional accounting, we’ll show you how to claim for

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Help from HMRC

Business expenses for the self-employed: Learn what business expenses are allowable, including travel, hotel accommodation, premises costs and using your home. Discover how simplified expenses can save you time too. We‌dne‌sd‌ay 8 Au‌gu‌st – 9a‌m t‌o 1‌0a‌m                                Book now For help available when you are, catch up with this recorded webinar, showing you ‘how to complete the self-employed

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HMRC – Customer Online Forum

Have you heard about the HMRC Online Customer Forum? And did you know there’s a new ‘VAT section’, where you can not only post your question, but get guidance and support? You can also get useful links to webinars (online presentations), videos and interactive online guides. So whether you want help with your online VAT return,

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Croner Taxwise – claiming expenses

My client has recently inquired about the possibility of claiming relief for the expenses of cleaning of clothing that she wears in her role in nightclub security, having heard that there are flat rate expenses that employees are able to claim.   Your client is correct in that HMRC have issued guidance, which sets out

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Have you got a question about self-employment?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to self-employment or you’ve been in business for a while – we’ve got the support you need. Take a look at the following selection of online help, including live and recorded webinars, videos and an online guide. On HMRC’s YouTube channel, you can catch up with our series of

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Undisclosed Assets

30 September 2018 – a vitally important date for all those who have, previously undisclosed offshore income and gains. This is the date by which clients will have had to disclose income and gains and settled any tax liabilities arising. So, why is this so important? – Because a number of new laws become effective from

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Capital allowances and business expenses – the facts

Claiming the right capital allowances and business expenses means you’ll pay the right amount of tax at the right time – and avoid penalties. Find out more with our online support. You’ll be able to ask questions in our live webinars using the on-screen text box. Capital allowances for the self-employed: If you use traditional accounting,

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Online support for VAT-registered businesses

VAT  what you need to know Bookmark and Share [ ] There’s plenty of online help and support for VAT-registered businesses available from HMRC, including these recorded mini webinars you can watch at any time: *  *VAT accounting schemes  choosing and using* [ ] *  *VAT and motoring expenses* [    

Class 2 NIC

From 2019/20 it has been announced that Class 2 NIC will be abolished but that for those self-employed persons with profits that fall between a new Class 4 NIC Small Profits Limit and the Class 4 NIC Lower Profits Limit will be deemed to have paid Class 4 NIC thereby giving the person a qualifying

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HMRC – Help with VAT and employer expenses and benefits

Find out about employer expenses and benefits and VAT, in our live webinars and other online guidance. You can ask questions in live webinars using the on-screen text box. Expenses and benefits – trivial benefits: This live webinar uses examples to explain what trivial benefits are, whether they need to be reported and what your

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HMRC – Meals and wheels? – Benefits explained

If you’re paying expenses and providing benefits to your employees, our webinars will give you the guidance you need. PAYE – End of year expenses and benefits (P11D): The ‌6 J‌ul‌y deadline is almost here. Join our final session for the year, tomorrow – it’s not too late. If you didn’t payroll your employees’ benefits in

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HMRC – Form P11D ? help with your report

The deadline of 31 J‌ul‌y is almost here Don’t miss this opportunity to find out about your end-of-year expenses and benefits report (P11D) with this popular live webinar. PAYE: End of year expenses and benefits (P11D) For employers who didn’t payroll their employees’ benefits in 2017/18, we’ll use examples of some of the more common

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HMRC – Statutory payments explained

Whether you’re a new or an experienced employer, there’s plenty of free, online help available from HMRC. You can ask questions using the on-screen text box on all live webinars. Statutory Sick Pay: We’ll show you what to do when an employee goes off sick, how to calculate Statutory Sick Pay and when to pay

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HMRC – Need help with your business expenses and records?

Our range of online support tools, including live and recorded webinars and online guides, has everything you need as a sole trader or partnership. Here’s a selection of what we offer: Self-employment Help and Support: Especially for sole traders and partnerships, our live webinar covers topics affecting small self-employed businesses, including allowable and simplified expenses

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Scam email from Companies House

Please note this email from Companies House is not genuine and should be deleted if you receive it;  If you wish to report it please email –   This message has been generated in response to the company complaint submitted to Companies House WebFiling service. (CC01) Company Complaint for the company was accepted on

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HMRC – What business expenses are you claiming?

Claiming the right business expenses, the correct amount and keeping good records means you’ll pay the right amount of tax. Get clear advice for you and your business with this selection of online support. Capital Allowances for the self-employed: If you use traditional accounting, this webinar shows you how to claim for the longer life

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HMRC – An introduction to health and safety in the workplace

HMRC and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) working together for you – growing your business  Fr‌id‌ay ‌2‌9 J‌un‌e – 1‌1a‌m to m‌id‌da‌y                  Book here If it’s the first time you’re taking on an employee, your business is growing or you need a refresher, this webinar is for you. Learn about the importance of gathering

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HMRC – Payrolling or form P11D?

Whether you’re payrolling benefits or completing form P11D, get the help you need with our online support. You can ask questions during our live webinars by using the on-screen text box. PAYE: End of year expenses and benefits (P11D) For employers who didn’t payroll their employees’ benefits in 2017/2018, we’ll use examples of some of

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Record keeping under GDPR  

Refund Policy

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