HMRC – Help for employers completing P11Ds

HMRC has support for employers as they complete their annual reports on expenses and benefits.

PAYE – End of year expenses and benefits (P11D): Join this live webinar where we’ll use examples to show you how to enter the most common benefits on the form P11D – including medical insurance, company cars and vans, and paying mileage allowances to employees using their own vehicle. You can ask questions using the on-screen text box.

Choose a date and time

You can view videos on HMRC’s YouTube channel at a time that suits you, including ‘Payroll software and sending reports to HMRC‘.

Our Expenses and benefits from employment toolkit is designed to help agents and advisers, but it may also be of use to employers or anyone completing end of year form P11D.

You can also find more about payroll in our online guide ‘Becoming an employer‘.

HMRC – online help at your fingertips.

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Refund Policy

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