Dear All,  with the latest news from the government that we are now on lockdown, I want to reassure you that Tax Return Online Services is trading as normal as myself, Jackie, Pauline and Judith all work from home, so there will be no disruption to the services you receive from us.  The software company I use for your returns – Tax Calc is a family run business and have already implemented working from home procedures and have assured their clients that they are on track with the 19/20 updated software to complete your returns.

I appreciate that these are unprecedented times and we are all very worried for our health and that of our families, but also our businesses, as we all need money to live.   The government have already issued various financial assistance to enable us to carry on our businesses and Pauline is flat out with our daily blog keeping you all informed on what is happening.  This is also available on our Facebook page.

I know a lot of you are self-employed and at the moment this does seem to be the missing link.  The government are expected to make an announcement this week on financial help for the self-employed, other countries have offered 80% of income based on the last 3 years accounts.  There is no guarantee we in the UK will receive the same but if it is a similar set up you will need to prove your income and as we are shortly approaching the end of another tax year it may be prudent to have those accounts available if needed, especially if 19/20 was a better year for you than the previous one.   This is all still very much guess work, but as soon as the government announces its plan for the self-employed I will be in touch.

A lot of accountancy practices are profiting from giving advice on the ongoing situation, I would like to re-assure you all that this will not be the case here and if you need specific advice on your own situation I will be more than happy to help to the best of my knowledge, but please bear with me as the guideline are changing daily.

Please stay safe, stay in where you can and try not to worry, there will be assistance for you to prevent any businesses collapsing.

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