HMRC support for the Self Employed

Self-employment help and support: Especially for sole traders and partnerships, our live webinar covers topics affecting small self-employed businesses. If you’re a new business or just want to make sure you’re doing the right thing, join us and get answers to your questions. Choose a date and time Register for the webinar here

Do I need to fill in a tax return? 

Do I need to fill in a tax return? You’ll need to send a tax return if any of the following apply, in the last tax year: you were self-employed – you can deduct allowable expenses you got £2,500 or more in untaxed income, for example from tips or renting out a property – contact

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HMRC Changes January 2018

HMRC has changed the way it calculates penalties charged to taxpayers who have made mistakes in their tax returns or failed to notify HMRC of a tax liability.  Penalty regime Where a taxpayer fails to notify HMRC of their tax liability or makes an error (careless or deliberate) in a tax return, HMRC can charge

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Refund Policy

For online payments taken via the Invoice Payment page, no refunds can be given as payment is only taken after my service has been provided.