HMRC – Income reporting requirements for Tax Credit renewal.

It is important for those with tax credits entitlement, to comply with the instructions on their annual renewal form ahead of the 31 July 2019 deadline. Income reporting at renewal is for the 2018-19 tax year. This includes net profit from self-employment. If they have other income, for example: dividends, investment income, interest, pensions or property/rent, these also need to be included. These sources are often omitted from tax credits claims and renewals. Further details of the full income reporting requirements are provided in the renewal form and accompanying notes. Claimants who receive too much money will need to repay HMRC later. Claimants can renew their claim online by going to the Manage your tax credits webpage on GOV.UK and logging into their Personal Tax Account. Claimants can also renew their claim by sending their completed tax credit renewal forms to the following address; Tax Credit Office HM Revenue and Customs BX9 1LR United Kingdom. Claimants can get help to work out their correct tax credits income by visiting the Tax credits: income working sheet (TC825) webpage on GOV.UK.

Source of reference – HMRC

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