HMRC – Trivial benefits, cars, vans and entertainment

Do you need to report payments made for staff social functions?  Do you know when a benefit can be treated as trivial and therefore exempt from tax and National Insurance? How do I work out company car benefit?

HMRC have live webinars and an online toolkit to help you get the answers. You can ask questions during the webinars using the on-screen text box.

Expenses and benefits – company cars, vans and fuel: This webinar provides an overview of what information you need to keep for vehicles, fuel and private use of cars and vans. We’ll also show you how to use the online calculator to work out the amount to report for payrolling or P11D. 

Tuesday 11 February – 11am to midday

Expenses and benefits – trivial benefits: During this webinar we’ll explain what counts as a trivial benefit and the conditions that must be met for it to be exempt from tax and National Insurance. Next session:

Thursday 13 February – 10am to 11am

Expenses and benefits – social functions and parties: If you provide social events for your employees, join this webinar to find out what is exempt, how to calculate the benefits for your employees and how to report this to HMRC. 

Friday 14 February – 10am to 11am

There’s also our ‘Expenses and benefits from employment toolkit‘. It’s designed to help agents and advisers, but it may also be of use to employers or anyone completing end of year forms P11D.

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