Do you move goods to Northern Ireland?

Source: HMRC This year, as we mark the centenary of Northern Ireland, we need no reminder about its integral place within our United Kingdom. Our trade deal with the EU and the additional agreement known as the Northern Ireland Protocol has safeguarded Northern Ireland’s place in the UK’s customs territory. We have also preserved unfettered

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Source – HMRC The link below to the Government website shows new rules which apply to things like travel and doing business with Europe. Use the Brexit checker to get a personalised list of actions for you, your business and your family.

New rules for trading with Europe

Source:  HMRC New customs and tax rules for trading with the EU started on 1 January 2021. To continue trading with countries in the EU, there are actions your client must take, to make sure they’re compliant and minimise costs and delays. Before they attempt to move their goods, they’ll need to: 1.   Get ready

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SEISS fourth grant cruelly delayed

The delay of the next self-employed income support grant was revealed to Martin Lewis of Self-employed traders who desperately need support will be left hanging, unable to plan or pay their bills as Chancellor Rishi Sunak will delay payment of the next self-employed income support (SEISS) grant until after 3 March.     Lewis tweeted on Friday

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Latest update from HMRC – Self-Assessment

Self-Assessment customers will not receive a penalty for their late online tax return if they file by 28 February, HM Revenue and Customs has announced today. HMRC is encouraging anyone who has not yet filed their tax return to do so by 31 January if possible. But anyone who cannot file their return by the

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How handle HMRC time to pay rejections

Some taxpayers and advisers using the online service to defer tax due on 31 January 2021 are getting rejected. Rebecca Cave investigates what’s going wrong and how to work around any problems. Source – Accounting Web HMRC’s time to pay deferral process is in big demand this winter. Many taxpayers are facing a log-jam of tax

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Sunak looks to raise corporation tax in March budget

Ahead of the spring budget the ICAEW has called for the government to ‘focus on delivering existing plans and Covid support packages’ Chancellor Rishi Sunak is reportedly looking to raise corporation tax in the upcoming March budget to pay off the estimated £400bn borrowed by the UK throughout the pandemic.   According to The Financial Times, the alleged move has sparked

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Free Post-Brexit VAT changes to imports and exports Webinar The post-Brexit transition period has finally ended. But for many British business leaders, the new EU trading rules are still unclear… For example, how should you report the movement of goods? When do you need to pay import VAT and customs duty? And do Northern Irish companies face different rules to the rest of the UK?

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Businesses in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors are to receive a one-off grant worth up to £9,000

Source – Accountancy Today Businesses in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors are to receive a one-off grant worth up to £9,000, the chancellor has announced. The news comes after the prime minister’s announcement that businesses will be closed until at least February half-term in order to help control the spread of Covid-19. Alongside the grant

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Self-assessment season

The tax return filing deadline for 2019/20 returns remains at 31 January 2021, and penalties for late returns will be issued automatically as usual. However, HMRC will allow taxpayers and tax agents up to 90 days to appeal against those late filing penalties, instead of the standard 30 days. This is thin gruel as the tax tribunals

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Furlough scheme extended by one month to April 2021

The furlough scheme will last for another month and hard-pressed businesses will also be able to access state-backed loans until March, the Treasury has announced. Source – © Provided by The Independent The Coronavirus Jobs Retention Scheme, under which the state picks up 80 per cent of the furloughed worker’s wages, had been due to end at

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Paying your Tax Bill

Please remember if you deferred your July payment on account, this will be added to your 31st January payment.  If you are in a situation where you are unable to pay your tax bill, please contact HMRC to set up a payment plan. If you have a payment on account due for next year – it

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HMRC penalty payments increase by 62%

Source – Accounting web HMRC penalties for taxpayers’ compliance failings are on the rise once more, following a sharp drop at the start of lockdown. The firm says HMRC collected £34m in September, an increase of 62% from a low of £21m collected in May HMRC suspended tax investigations at the start of the pandemic

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International trade: Brexit Update (Video)

Source – Tax Calc Troubled by the prospect of Brexit and how it will impact your business? Watch leading customs expert, Sandra Strong, explain how you can meet the new regulations on importing and exporting goods from 2021 Watch complimentary video here:

New SEISS conditions may trip up taxpayers

The SEISS claims portal reopens on Monday 30 November, but taxpayers must declare their trade has been impacted by reduced demand before they claim the third grant. 27th Nov 2020  Source – accounting web When claiming the first two self-employed income support (SEISS) grants taxpayers had to confirm that their trade had been adversely affected by the

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HMRC confirms virtual Christmas party exemption

Source – Accounting Webb 2020 is a year when an employer’s ability to say thank you to their employees has never been more important. But the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions have put a stop to the annual office party and have forced employers to think of alternative ways to wish employees a happy Christmas and to

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Coronavirus: Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS)

Updated on 5 November 2020 The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is having far-reaching financial impacts on individuals and businesses across the UK, and indeed across the world. The government is providing support for the self-employed in the UK under the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme.  What is the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) and can I use it?

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