HMRC webinars for employers

HMRC’s online help and support provides the reassurance you need to get it right.

These free webinars are interactive, so you can ask questions using the on-screen textbox.

The National Living Wage and The National Minimum Wage: This live webinar is the first in the ‘cutting your risk’ series, and covers the essentials you need to know about the National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage. It also covers the common errors made by employers, concentrating on working time and deductions.

Th‌ur‌sd‌ay 1‌5‌ Fe‌br‌ua‌ry – 1‌1a‌m to m‌id‌da‌y                      

Expenses and benefits – entertaining staff: Find out about tax and National Insurance when providing food and drink at work and social functions for your employees.

Th‌ur‌sd‌ay 1‌5‌ Fe‌br‌ua‌ry – 3p‌m to 3.40p‌m                        Book now

Getting started as an employer: Covering registering as an employer, taking on your first employee, running payroll and paying HMRC, this webinar has all you need to know.

Fr‌id‌ay 1‌6 Fe‌br‌ua‌ry – 1‌p‌m to 2p‌m                                  Book now

Employers – how to avoid in-year penalties: Find out why penalties are charged, how to avoid in-year penalties for late and non-filing and what to do if you disagree.

Mo‌nd‌ay 1‌9  Fe‌br‌ua‌ry – 2p‌m to 2.45p‌m                         Book now

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Our online course, ‘Paying your workers the minimum wage’, has further guidance available, whenever you are.

HMRC’s online help that’s here for you


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