PAYE Reporting Expenses and Benefits in Kind for the tax year ending 5 April 2020

The deadline for reporting any Expenses and Benefits in Kind is 6 July 2020. Your client needs to do this for every employee they’ve provided with expenses or benefits.  If your report is late, your client’s employees could end up paying the wrong tax and be out of pocket.  If you’re an Authorised Agent registered with the PAYE for Agents online service you can do this online, saving you and your client’s time.

If you can’t do the above online, use our official forms P11D and P11D(b). You can find more information on how to complete these forms here.

You’ll need to complete form:

  • P11D(b), if your client has a Class 1A National Insurance contribution liability, because they payroll their expenses and benefits
  • P11D to declare any non payrolled expenses or benefits. There’s more information on reporting expenses and benefits here. If we’ve asked your client to submit a form P11D(b) and they didn’t provide any employee expenses or benefits – complete this declaration.

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