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Automatic enrolment doesn’t end with your client’s declaration of compliance


So, you’ve helped your clients assess their staff, put them into a workplace pension, and declare their compliance. But automatic enrolment (AE) doesn’t end there, and neither do your clients’ responsibilities.


They still have legal duties that need to be completed – automatic enrolment is an ongoing responsibility even after the declaration.


Every time your clients run their payroll they should be assessing their staff, checking who needs to be put into a pension scheme, and working out how much to pay in. If they took on any new staff who are eligible for automatic enrolment, then these workers need to be put into your clients’ pension scheme too. They’ll also have to manage opt-outs and requests to join from other staff and maintain records. Re-enrolment takes place every three years, and eligible staff who previously left your clients’ scheme must be put back into it – and a re-declaration of compliance must be completed to confirm what your clients have done about re-enrolment. There’s no time for your clients to put their feet up, so don’t let them fall behind – use our online tool to keep up to date with what they should be doing next.


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Automatic enrolment has reached a significant milestone, with one million employers now having declared their compliance with their workplace pension duties. More than half of these employers declared within the last 12 months, which gives a sense of how rapidly AE has progressed since it began in 2012. Thanks to AE, the number of people now saving into a workplace pension has almost doubled, making a better retirement possible for millions more of us.
If your clients are falling behind, call us for support


Employers need to complete their legal duties in good time, and we recognise that most will want to do the right thing for their staff. If your clients are having difficulty with their duties, you should tell us as soon as possible so we can support them. We’ll provide advice and guidance to get them compliant. Your clients should remember, though, that if they don’t comply in time they do risk a fine – and if they intentionally fail to comply with their legal duties, we won’t hesitate to use our powers, which can include prosecution. We recently demonstrated how serious we are about wilful non-compliance. If your clients are having trouble with automatic enrolment, let us know and we’ll do all we can to get them back on track.


Pension responsibilities apply to all your clients’ staff – help them get to know their duties 


All employers have automatic enrolment duties – as soon as your clients employ just one person, then they have legal duties that must be completed. Your clients’ pension responsibilities go beyond putting staff into a scheme. Even if they don’t have any workers who need to be automatically enrolled right now, they still have responsibilities, and must complete a declaration of compliance telling us how they’ve complied with their duties. Help your clients get to know their responsibilities – our online tool can be used to find out their key dates and what they need to do.


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