Take advantage of our online support for VAT, giving you straightforward advice that’s easy to use.

VAT and motoring expenses: This live webinar provides an overview of how to reclaim VAT on a car, hiring and leasing vehicles, commercial vehicles and other motoring expenses such as repairs and maintenance.

Mo‌nd‌ay 19 Fe‌br‌ua‌ry – 1‌0a‌m to 11a‌m                            Book here

VAT – now you are registered: It’s not too late to join tomorrow’s webinar. Find out how to charge and reclaim VAT, correct mistakes, VAT accounts and payments to HMRC in this live interactive webinar. 

Th‌ur‌sd‌ay 1‌5‌ Fe‌br‌ua‌ry – 9a‌m to 1‌0a‌m                           Book now

Please ask questions using the on-screen textbox.

Not joined a webinar (online presentation) before? This guide will tell you what you need to do.

In addition, HMRC’s online learning package, ‘How VAT works’, has more information at your fingertips. It’s free and available when you are.

There’s also this short video on ‘VAT record keeping’, you can view this on HMRC’s YouTube channel.


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