HMRC – Expenses and Benefits – live webinars

Get clear advice on how to treat social functions provided for employees, such as Christmas parties and travel costs between workplaces, in the following live webinars. You can ask questions using the on-screen text box.

Expenses and benefits – social functions and parties: If you provide social events for your employees, find out if the cost can be treated as exempt from tax and National Insurance. Next session:

Friday 15 November – 10am to 11am

Expenses and Benefits – if your employees have more than one workplace: This webinar covers employee travel to different types of workplace, such as a temporary workplace, the 24 month and 40% rules, and the effect this has on tax and National Insurance. Next session:

Tuesday 19 November – 9am to 10am

We have other online support available when you need it. Here’s a selection:

HMRC’s YouTube channel has videos to help new employers and provide refreshers for more established employers. Try our ‘Payroll software and sending reports to HMRC‘.

The handy online guide ‘Becoming an employer‘ takes you through the basics of taking on staff, running a payroll, statutory payments and more, with links to detailed guidance.

Our ‘Expenses and benefits from employment toolkit‘ is designed to help agents and advisers, but employers will find it useful too.

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