HMRC – Your payroll and employee travel

If you make payments to employees who travel for business, we have online support to help you treat them correctly for tax and National Insurance.

Expenses and Benefits – employee travel: This live webinar covers payments and reimbursements made to employees to cover travel and subsistence, including mileage payments to employees using their own vehicle for business. It gives an overview of how these payments should be treated for tax and National Insurance, and the records you need to keep. You will be able to ask questions using the on-screen text box. Next session:

Monday 11 November – 2pm to 3pm

HMRC’s YouTube channel has a selection of employer ‘how to’ videos, including ‘When and how to pay PAYE‘.

Our interactive online guide ‘Becoming an employer‘ is full of useful information and links to further guidance. Keep it as a favourite in your browser and come back to it when you need to.

There’s also our ‘Expenses and benefits from employment’ toolkit‘. It’s designed to help agents and advisers, but it will be of use to any employer providing benefits or paying expenses.

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Refund Policy

For online payments taken via the Invoice Payment page, no refunds can be given as payment is only taken after my service has been provided.


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