HMRC – Payroll – from basics to parties and directors

Our live webinars, videos and online guides give you key information and handy tips. Use them to ensure your payroll runs smoothly for all your employees, including directors.

Expenses and benefits – social functions and parties: If you provide annual social events, including Christmas parties for your employees, join this live webinar to see if the cost can be treated as exempt from tax and National Insurance. Next session:

Friday 18 October – 10am to 11am

Company directors – payroll and you: Find out about your payroll responsibilities to HMRC including tax, the calculation of National Insurance for directors and what records to keep. Next session:

Friday 18 October – 2pm to 3pm

We have a range of videos for employers on HMRC’s YouTube channel, including ‘Payroll software and sending reports to HMRC‘.

This online guide, ‘Becoming an employer‘, not only helps new employers but gives advice for established employers. It has sections on leavers, sick pay, and expenses with links to more detailed guidance. Keep it as a favourite in your browser so you can find it when you need help.

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