Taxcafe – Small Business Tax Saving Tactics

Taxcafe – Small Business Tax Saving Tactics

by Carl Bayley and Nick Braun

This guide is essential reading for all self-employed business owners (sole traders and partnerships).

It contains 50 chapters of practical tax planning ideas.

With all the economic uncertainty doing the rounds, business owners should make sure they are claiming every bit of tax relief they’re entitled to.

The tax planning ideas contained in this book should withstand any political upheaval over the next few months.

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Subjects covered include:

  • All the latest tax changes.
  • How to claim a £4,000 home office tax deduction.
  • How to pay tax-free salaries to your spouse and children.
  • How to claim a tax deduction for travel expenses, including flights, hotels, meals etc
  • … even when you combine a business trip with a holiday!
  • How to make your personal entertainment costs tax deductible.
  • Details of the new Structures and Buildings Allowance which provides tax relief when you buy or improve commercial property.
  • Tax saving strategies for e-commerce businesses.
  • How to claim a £4,200 cashback from the taxman when you buy business assets.
  • How to save more tax when you buy cars, computers and other assets.
  • 7 chapters that will help you increase the tax relief on your motoring expenses.
  • How business owners can avoid the child benefit charge.
  • Everything you need to know about borrowing money and claiming tax relief.
  • How to completely avoid inheritance tax thanks to business property relief.
  • How to change your tax year-end and save up to £4,350 in tax.
  • VAT saving strategies.
  • How to convert a property into a business property and save over £30,000 in CGT.
  • Plus lots and lots more…

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We are confident that every small business owner will find at least one useful tax saving nugget in this guide.

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